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Island Morsel close to Singapore amazing place for fishing

As a rule when leave in distant countries, that is simply disconnected from commonness since so much interesting and useful fate presents that simply to want to look and look at all and touch and simply repose enjoying charming and change which you surround for so short time.


One acquaintance of mine visitted in city state Singapore and so much me interesting has told that I have simply solved to dream and go although once see this oasis technology in distant Okeanii!

Speak Singapore simply oasis from glass and concrete which drowns in colour and verdure. Probably tells the warm climate and abudance water. There so much any gardens and all the manner of monument that our Mariupoli simply reposes before such beauty.

There is in Singapore one place under name Sungey-Buloh (Sungei Buloh Wetlands Reserve). It is located in West part of isle Morsel. This on essences game reserve land. There on essences one marsh and much any interesting birds there dwells, exactly that which eat these marsh places. Many simply stop in these edge at period of the flight from one place in other in different seasons of the year here possible to see the different birds. The Local amateurs to see for berds have adjusted on island it is enough much all sorts of covertures from which possible enough easy stake out bird and not to alarm them.

This place where stop more than 130 types berds which fly from East Siberia and before equator. In game reserve are created unique natural conditions, which birdie much like, this not that parrot in hutch beside us in Mariupole. There is such birds on island Singapore that simply constantly here dwell and do not fly off in general not where. This Grabbed and Kingfisher. If you decide there to get, that he works all visible time of the day. Each bird active time in miscellaneous of the day and so to example to look at Nektarnicu it is necessary to get up early in the morning as soon as get up on horizon sun, so open flower that colour, which its scent bait Nektarnicu and here she and just good for observation.

On island Morsel except tree and shrubbery, birds and butterfly possible to see and much any interesting animals. Here much Varanov and they such greater that simply probably and terribly to him to approach. Speak that Varany when hunt that mining can kill the blow of its tail. About crocodiles to farm and about abudance marmoset miscellaneous of the type speech not even goes. Travel on this marsh places it is necessary carefully. The Island Morsel this unique place, where under leg can turn out to be and big python and rare plant. In general island Morsel this unique natural monument.

Who knows what is an mangros wood, that in principle presents in question. Mangrovye wood this tree which practically live in water constantly. Sometimes, the tide leaves and denudes топкую ground where abudance of any fish in puddle remains. Particularly interesting sort of fish which does not дрейфует with water mass, but зарываетс€ in mule with low tide, but in tide gets free and begins actively to collect any living things.

The Territory parka on island Morsel occupies the order 90 hectares and crocodile here present open space. The Abudance of flora and faunas of the island Morsel simply strikes its imagination. Local кресть€не here on aspic мангровых flood plain divorce fish in special roundup already many hundred years. Caught  it here simply on bush not possible and people has found the unique decision, they started to create the artificial bushes and their surround the paling of their bamboo. Fish calls at with tide, but what water leaves, that fish simply remains and remains  its  only collect. Here is such fishing in Mangrovyh wood вблизи island Morsel, where I without fall отправлюсь this summer.
Post made: 2011-04-11
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