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Liberec is located on North of the Cheches

LiberecShall Begin its tale about Cheches with the most close to my house of the city on North of the Cheches. Certainly about Liberce. The City not big and with Tambovom not to compare, in him whole order 100 thousand inhabitants. The Skyscraper in city no yes and large many floors too no if and there is that not above five floors. All building puted plate for receiving the satellite television, vicinity with Germany and Poland gives about itself to know. Except satellite television possible to peer into metre and DC range program from Drezdena and from Poland.
The City rather old-time, the first mentioning about Liberce possible to meet in conventual record dated else 14 ages. In that time this was a borough in mountain terrain absolutely forgotten by god! Folk grew the sheep and pas on mountain declivity cortex, that and veins. But where that in middle 16 ages who that has here solved wool to do, good of the material for its  production it is enough was. For the first time since for the first time first manufacturing appeared in local places and possible say began the history of the edge. Since time all were modernized and antediluvian manufacturing changed in production with modern equipment and experienced by personnel.
Liberec this on essences oasis not touched wild nature, this unique natural landscape and mass of the timber plantings. That I have struck when I first once was in Liberce, so there along dearly around grow to sweet cherrieses. At moment when they ripen, that simply beautifully. The Czeches do not collect the sweet cherrieses which grow along roads, this earn the living the local gipsy them in Cheches much.
There is unique building past ages In city Liberec much. Either as around in Germany in Cheches in each city  stands the town hall, this in past timeses was a most high town building. It is presently seen with all end of the city though it is located not in the centre Liberca quite. The Tower in height of the order seventy metres ( not measure and do not know, but uzh exactly not our pipes less in New Place, but she more than 50 metres in height). For   that sees in Liberce it is necessary to stroll on city with брусчатой bridge выложенной in the manner of солнышка. I have advised being in this borough to look all церкви and cathedrals, their here it is enough for review. To example church Saint Crucifixion, she выстроена in stiletto borokko or roman catholic church catholic church sv. Antonina, this building self-possessed in tone ренесанса. But there is in borough fehrovs style and ригельные of the building. You Know, what is a фехровый style? This style received from Germany, basically building in Germany built in past of the age in such stiletto. As that I was in Aspene and there on excursions in one of the muse of the skis has read about this way construction.
Except old building city else and is built and updated though not so powerfully as this wanted, but no стабильнее state, than Chech and exactly in Cheches all develop slowly, but certain and afterwards does not reform ten once as beside us earlier was under reign;prevail Gorohe in Tambove:) Being in Liberce you probably want to see the prodigy of the last years, that бишь the tower on peak of the mountain Yeshted, she in cadastre  Super building to Cheches  is present. Very unique building in the centre not touched natures.
 Either as majority city Liberec has and botanical garden with exotic plants and zoo with hippopotamus. There is much old plants In botanical garden, after all him more 130 years! Although beside us in New Miste and there is mountains, but we all leave in winter to ride in Liberec on ski. I shall say you on secret Aspen simply reposes in contrast with Libercem! The Mountain Yeshted (1012 m), is equiped with excellent lowering and at desire possible to find itself suitable gradient, чтоб terribly was not:) If route near by city does not like, that is possible rolled in Yozerskie or Luzhickie and there ride on пампушках:) This certainly on amateur though in recently amateurs more and more becomes. If to example in 2000 I practically did not wait nor when queue чтоб comes down on bordeaux, that now happens to occasionly to wait. Though what write in guidebook on reception capacity mountain Yeshted very powerful building for tourist. Can at hour before 4000 tourists to ride and not to disturb to each other though I distrust however:) Liberec this North to Cheches and here around rules the german capital, all supermarkets german  Kaflang  or  Delivita , but this and not bad, when german come, that order and purity are guaranteed. Liberec on essences Czech resort built on money german and is serviced german, and ride basically german since border much close... Here is that I on essences and wanted you to tell about Liberec! Hope liked:)
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