Learning to Salsa dance

This seems a simple question but as with all things in life it is not all that simple. Learning to Salsa dance is personal journey where one path is great for a person it may be completely wrong for someone else. So how do you learn to salsa?
In the article I hope to give you some direction and guidance as to how you can learn to salsa. This is taken from my own personal experience learning to dance salsa over the last 3+ years.
So what are the options you have when looking to learn how to dance salsa?
Weekly classes
DVD or Video course
Weekend Crash course
Dance holiday
Weekly classes: These are, in my option, the best way for budding Salsaeros to learn how to dance. When choosing a weekly class you must make sure that:

They are progressive - build on what you have learnt each week
You like the Teacher - not all Salsa teachers teach alike and its a personal thing. Remember its your money so get a teacher you like as you will learn much quicker.
Its at the right level for you and the right style of Salsa.
There are other things you need to consider but these are the basics. Going to a weekly class and dancing with different partners will enable you to progress quickly.
DVD & Videos are great if you have some experience of Salsa dancing. The Vast majority assume a basic understanding of Salsa dancing. To be honest even the best DVD is no substitute to being in a class with the teacher right in front of you.
So if you are looking to supplement your learning this is where DVD & Videos can and do help.
Weekend crash courses are great at teaching you the mechanics of Salsa dancing, the moves and turns etc. What you dont get is the feel or passion for the dance. This is not the fault of the teachers but a result of them trying to put so much in to two days.
These crash courses squeeze 10 weeks learning in to 6 to 8 hours of lessons. On top of this you will not be able to remember what you have learnt due to information overload and tiredness.
The big benefit of these types of events is the social dancing in the evenings. Here you can try out the moves you have learned. Dancing Salsa socially is the best way of perfecting your own Salsa style.
Once again these courses are great for building on your weekly classes.
Dance holidays, these are a super way of learning to dance Salsa. You get lessons often from teachers who have grown up with the dance, especially in Cuba. You also get the real feel of the dance and its passion.
There is also often the chance to go out and dance in the Salsa clubs where you are; there is nothing like experiencing salsa in the clubs and dancing with locals who seem to dance in nirvana like trance they are so into the music.
Books - well actually I dont think you can learn how to dance Salsa from a book. Personally I would not bother as you will be wasting your money.
So in conclusion the best way to learn is to attend weekly classes; this with going to Salsa clubs or events to dance Salsa socially. I hope this has helped you discover how to lean to dance salsa.
Foto of Expert in Dance!
Foto of Expert in Dance!
Post made: 2009-11-04
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