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This article is taken from The Report on UFO s Project Blue Book
In early January 1951 I was recalled to active duty and assigned to Air Technical Intelligence Center as an intelligence officer.
Earth and the sun no longer pulled you
We have all heard the stories of UFO watchers as they tell tales of space craft making abrupt turns at ninety-degree right angles and hyper spacing out of sight.
Watch out for those Thetans!
After traveling for several million years you have finally arrived at your destination. Where should you land? The aliens down there have seen your craft as you search for the landing site that was advertised in the brochures. Someone should review t
Some of the most popular UFO sighting s is being discussed below
It is very hard to imagine that earth is the only living planet in this whole galaxy and the ones beyond that. Aliens have been a part of every culture, even the Egyptian pyramids have pictures of so-called "extra terrestrials with big heads and
UFO abduction literature
There is a certain sense of stability in the physical world that most of us take for granted. However, in the current realm of UFO abduction literature, the term physical world may need some redefinition. UFO abductees have found their world stretche
UFO sightings shouldn t be new to a lot of us.
UFO sightings shouldnt be new to a lot of us because there have been so many UFO pictures
and photos made available by so many individuals who have direct or indirect experiences
with them, some of which are real and yet some others, made-up.
If you haven t heard yet UFO sightings are at an alltime high these days.
If you havent heard yet, UFO sightings are at an all-time high these days. Confirmed sightings or not, were seeing an elevation in unidentified aerial phenomenon in our skies.
Many people will remember the event that took place back in July of 1947 wherein a sighting occurred.
One thing cannot be argued about though, is the fact that there are thousands of Arizonans who have claimed to have seen an Arizona UFO. Thousands of others from around the world have also claimed to have same or similar experiences with UFOs and hav
The boy travels itself on air ball
Sheriff Jim Alderman turned to reporters during a news conference and held thumbs up and said, "Hes at the house." Alderden said an investigator on the scene saw the boy and he was fine

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