Earth and the sun no longer pulled you

We have all heard the stories of UFO watchers as they tell tales of space craft making abrupt turns at ninety-degree right angles and hyper spacing out of sight. Some of Hollywoods movies are also interesting when they depict these maneuvers on the big screen. UFO enthusiasts around the globe get together to discuss the physics involved in such flight. Some say as they leave our dimension into the next they appear to be leaving at a right angle, but in reality they are entering a different realm and therefore what we see is simply a brief transition to that other world we cannot see. Never the less we are intrigued by such tales and there are many websites on the Internet with UFO data, as well as some very famous radio shows that play thru the middle of the night. They have a cultish following indeed. One such show is Coast-to-Coast Am with Art Bell and George Noory; where they have guests from NASA, Authors and even UFOlogists often dive deep into the unknown.
But how can all this really be possible and can mankind design such craft in the future; Spacecraft capable of dimensional travel? If not what is with all these eyewitness sightings? One thought that had occurred to me in thinking on the future of propulsion for space flight was to consider the opposite of propulsion. What if, we designed a craft, which could jump out of the forces upon the Earth. Stand still as the Earth rotated and defy gravity while doing so? Could it be possible? Well sure there are ways to interfere with gravity waves, many experimental devices can do this now. If you stood still and the Earth Continued to turn you are already going over six hundred miles per hour and if you defied gravity and Earth and the sun no longer pulled you and you stayed put you would be going 17,600 miles per hour and the solar system is said to travel over 49,000 miles per hour around the Milky Way Galaxy. So if you could stop using a pulse or burst of energy which interfered with all that allowing you to stay put then you would appear to rapidly accelerate to 49,000 miles per hour immediately and complete disappear in less than a second? Where did you go? You simply stayed where we all just where you see? No big deal simple really. First you must clear the Earths path or you would crash back into it, so once above the horizon simple set the impulse blast and say; See Ya!
Is this the way the UFOs we claim do not exist do it? If so, we can too. If not or if they simply are figment of the imagination of a growing number of eyewitnesses then of course we should still try to do it to launch deep space probes or travel to Mars or such. You could do it in record time if you math was correct. Press and button and you are there before you know it. NASA could build one and we could all take trips to the Red Planet when the time was right for jumping off our current set of dimensional forces and circumstances, all you need is a good slide rule or super computer to figure out the math. Expert Think on it.
Post made: 2009-11-04

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