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Singapurskiy museum of the numismatics and philatelies

There is in Singapore either as in any country its numismatic centre. In Singapore there is even its unique gallery to philatelies

Specifically wanted stops on philological museum. Beside this museum rather interesting history. It Is Built was he as far back as begins 20 ages. On beginning this palace to philatelies was a methodical allowance for inhabitants adjoining region. Since time collection different marks was going to in. When meeting of the marks разрослось before rather commanding sizes, philological cabinet became be referred to as museum to philatelies. The Marks so much that simply to revise all unique exhibits comes short time under all desire. The Marks in collection museum entered in miscellaneous time with the whole world and at present exhibition counts 180 stands systematized on country of the fabrication of the marks. The Mark this small scrap of the paper, which first served for automation of the payment of the services of the mail, but afterwards when people started to collect the marks, mark became simply visiting card of the certain event or place in histories folk. On mark possible to track the chronology of the development of the science, technology and cultures in the world. Singapurskiy philately museum this small excursus in history of the development whole that surrounds us in this days.


In histories much interesting histories happened with issue of the marks, occasionly funny and odd about this enough aspected to philatelies possible rather popular image on example gets acquainted in Singapurskom филателическом museum. The Mark like simply scrap of the paper, but on beginning mark was absolutely other type. You bought the sheet with mark and building sliced them from this slip. This was not comfortable if mass to sell the marks, that simply accounted for mail to keep the spare employee which sliced the marks and sold. Zateya with cutting the marks long has not existed. As that one employee on mail has pierced several holes by needle and has understood that scrap of the paper easy comes off if such hole to poke in row close to one another. This is an innovative decision have quickly used to mark. Thereafter marks do not slice, but tear away and on mail selling the marks in velocities grow and not it is necessary was keep specially person their slicing. About this and the other particularities to evolutions of the mark will possible gets acquainted in Singapurskom museum to philatelies.

The Marks which are submitted for exhibition in музее have each its history of the appearance and if mark ancient, that she has an interesting description, which occasionly интереснее than mark itself, not this funny thing to philatelies?

The Shelvings and tablets with mark are located much comfortable that allows and adult and дет€м with alike comfort to consider the exhibits.

So uzh happened that marks and coins as that started to refer to one type collecting and much often if where that is opened exhibition to philatelies, that in that place and possible look at unique money signs, which rather senior than marks and signifies more interesting can tell the usual tourist.

In collections numismatic except coins there is else and bonus signs, medallions, medals and military regalia, their delivered with the whole world since moment of the opening museum. Apropos all tourists visitted in numismatic gallery can take itself on memory монетку which then and there in Singapurskoy numismatic gallery you is engraved on ручном press from simple not perceptible stocking up.
Post made: 2011-04-11
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