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UFO sightings shouldn t be new to a lot of us.

UFO sightings shouldnt be new to a lot of us because there have been so many UFO pictures
and photos made available by so many individuals who have direct or indirect experiences
with them, some of which are real and yet some others, made-up.
As a matter of fact, itd be quite a tall order to distinguish between the genuine UFO
footages and pictures from the hoaxes, and determining which claim is for real has been the
tasks of many a UFO expert who looks at tons of UFO pictures and sighting footages all day
long. Not only is it necessary to carefully analyse the first hand experiences as described
by the subject, but also it is of great benefits to employ high tech devices such as radar
and spectrometer data as well.
According to the summarized conclusions from these UFO experts, here are the main points
that can help determine the genuineness of UFO sightings:
1. UFOs fly fast
UFOs fly at lightning (or faster) speed, and do so without breaking the sound barrier. They
would either be making a high-pitched sound, or very soft one. Their flight carries the
characteristic of the deep bass of the sonic boom, which is unlike human-made missiles or
2. UFOs can change direction fast
UFO flight is often erratic and fast, which makes the UFO look as if it were weightless.
3. UFOs can appear any time anywhere
When UFO appears during day time, they would still be seen with their own lights and heard
with their distinctive high pitched sound. Coupled with eyewitness experiences and picked up
by radar, those sightings are more than likely to be real.
4. UFOs interferes with electronic devices
Almost all footages and eyewitnesses would share one common observation - cars breaking
down, power fluctuating or completely blacking out, radios and TVs crackling, and magnetic
compasses malfunctioning. When sighting claims have these included, itd be safe to assume
they are real.
5. UFOs leave damage trails
For some unknown reasons, UFO visits often end up with cattle mutilated, or humans suffering
from apparent radioactive poisoning.
As with all things in life, especially those things that cant be explained by normal
senses, we ought to proceed with intelligence coupled with our zest to ensure that we dont
fall victim to some man-made hoaxes that are set up to pull our legs.
Besides being a board-certified naturopathic physican, Dr. Kang-pang Chan was appointed Licensed Interfaith Minister by the International Council of Community Churches in 1997 and therefore has extensive experiences with all things related to spiritual psychology as well as parapsychology. Please see here for more information
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Post made: 2009-11-03
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