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We Go to city to Teplice on excursion


Continuing travel on Cheches we come down along west border from Liberca and fall into borough to Hothouse. The Borough is found in mountain terrain on height 220 metres on sea level. The Hothouse in the same way much to German border close, all in borough is imbrued by german coloring. The Buildings of the old building practically such on the form and stiletto that stand on that side of the border. The Borough although and on yardstick of the Cheches is found in deep, but before Prague on car possible to get less than for hour. The Roads in Cheches excellent and Oktaviya or Filiciya flies simply as plane.

Either as many clean city to Cheches borough to hothouse has its person as tourist centre. Than clean and nice borough, that more arrive the tourist on rest and that more money remains in local budget on development of the infrastructure of the borough. The City than that looks like property of the tsars next to Peter, in the same way much fountains and park. There is lake and timber arrays in which possible on lane to walk the hour and each will remove in determined place from which possible with lightness to get before city. There is mushrooms In wood and berries, collect them possible and nor who you will not forbid this does. But here is in garden to zone with fier in general and bag to appear not advisable though parks next to Hothouse confer the timber array. If you see the promenading czeches, that wakes certain you long do not sit beside campfires, in minutes 10 maximums will arrive  GASICHI , fire department and you will at the best quickly, quickly run away.

The Hothouse this city resort and all in he is done for rest, czeches simply take care of its city and wood and all that surrounds building. I was surprised, but many buildings practically are not closed. Here no larceny, or its was not before appearance of the labour from C.I.S., with principle and abutment absolutely barbarous direction.

The Hothouse this resort place where much богатые calcium of water promote joining and recovering the bones after traumas. Cures in local sanitarium practically all disease supporting-motor device. Water here there is and with big contents of the acids and even there is carbonated. In general водолечение all diseases this skate local doctors. Advisable get to him on procedures earlier, than buds are ed.
From that that produce in Hothouse on the whole world possible to meet only products from glass. Many know and saw the czech crystal, so here is that that like is done in Hothouse on glass manufacturing. Either as any borough with its historian, city to Hothouse its not forgetting constantly renews the collections a muse to histories of the edge. If you have simply arrived to repose and ski with local mountains, that this place this simply paradise. Possible even have a swim anytime year in термальных water in locked from external ambience pool, but if bore sail that uzh exactly not bore listen Bethovena sonatas in local most beautiful philharmonic, but the main to fall into this city when passes the annual festival of the music Bethovena. I think many will pleasantly hear that not only adult, but also baby rest will develop in Hothouse. There is here rather known, practically with world name like Arteku in Krymu camp for children with laconic name  Panorama . The Children before 16 years can in this camp with profit to conduct the year vacation and remove the stresses left by scholastic process.
By and large Hothouse this again таки Czech borough with german accent!
Post made: 2011-04-15
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