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General feature Singapore for visitor and tourist


Singapore this symbiosis East and West cultures in the most best manifestation. Here so all well match, glass and concrete with science construction on base of the teaching Fenshuy. Singapore strangely clean and nece city, all here simply shine and shines, in encirclement of the green plantings. Many internet publishing write about Singapore as about city with enormous number park and garden, well not city, but  City garden .

Singapore either as London has their own small regions, where portably live to example hindus and arabs or European and Chinese. The Inhabitants Singapore strangely hospitable and will prompt and will show that will want, occasionly simply for the sake of curiosity and your reactions. In Singapore all are built with range, is felt that Singapore simply prosperous paradise on scrap of land. The People live on asiatic custom in skyscraper built on technology of the west, this probably and attracts in Singapore tourist with the whole world.

Several words about transport and as possible move on Singapore?

In Singapore there is practically all existing means of transportation, but the most developed certainly metro, then goes on popularity speed tram and buses with conditioner. There is certainly unique transit facilitieses, that   I have in view of rope or monorail roads. From aeroport possible immediately comes down in metro and get practically in city anywhere. The Metro has three branches, nearly as in Prague, but only in Prague branches metro parallel and are crossed in cent, but in Singapore like as sun they are located from town centre. The Such metro in the manner of  sun.

The Tram speed and possible say that even very quick type of the transport, but  its basically use to get with all small piece of coal of the island before station metro, but there already at the speed of in groups of ten once to the destination above.

Costs to say, as on than in Singapore. In Singapore in move its currency Singapurskiy dollar. The Journey in metro costs from 0,8 before 2 Singapur  dollars, all depend where sits and where go. The Buses there is two types, one stop on each corner and costs the journey on them from from 0,7 before 1,7, but there is that that fly on route practically from point of the boarding before the end, there cost from 1 before before 2,35 dollars. The Speed tram costs from 0,8 before 1 dollar.

The Rope roads either as in Hong kong escalators for amusement only. In Hong kong on platform of the review to example that on grief Victoria, but in Singapore on island Sentoza. On road on island escalators there is three intermediate stations mountain Faber, Harbour and Sentoza. Advantageously ride from the end before the end, therefore as this costs the order 9 dollars, but between stop costs 8 dollars.

Singapore paradise for tourist, there even there is special card with discount if you tourist, is identified she Visitor Card, but pont person from it no! The Cost its 45 dollars, but on journey she powerfully does not spread. Basically she good for buying in supermarket, where its possible enclose and get the discount on goods, occasionly it is enough normal..
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