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Museum of toy in Singapore

There is its unique museum toy In Singapore. This unique museum was opened in Singapore at the end summer 2006. The Exhibition museum contains much unique old toys. Many toys very rare, but some in general contain in музее in single copy. The Epoch toy presents the period with the end of the nineteenteenth age and on whose day. The Collection toy in Singapur museum is valued in 5 million person dollars, this one of the most greater and most road collection in the world.

In collections numbers more than 50 thousand copy. All unique and on its valuable. Plenty of toys from America. They practically true copy disney anime of the heroes. There is practically any мульт€шный hero in the manner of toys commencing from Astroboy and finishing Bigwig and Den.


There was strangely if in Museum were only european toys and american. In Museum toy in Singapore there is very big stand conducted chinese puppet. There is separate common-room In музее dedicated to american invention  Plush teddy bear .

Except toy there is and drawn comicses with drawn toy. The most old chinese drawn comicses pertain to 1920, in the same way possible find and comicses of the whole world and all folk.

The Architects from design company SCDA Architects have designed the five flor  building in modern stiletto. The Company which developed the building very known in design circle, she even is a laureate many prestigious contest, in that has an award Royal Institute of British Architects Worldwide.

If go in museum, that there possible to the whole other and well repose and eat and in general conduct with plainly and profit time. The Museum of the toy in Singapore unique place for visit tourist wanting learn of culture and custom of the inhabitants of the miscellaneous small piece of coal Land more. The Toy as mirror reflects that period in which she was popular and attracted a following beside populations and beside chldrens especially.

On strolled enough on museum exposure possible to sit in comfortable restaurant on the street floors and drink the cup coffee in encirclement of the personages disney cartoon. Book possible probably practically all, the main to tell the cook that you should like to try. That characteristic of, order takes not waiter, as follows cook who you will prepare meal.
The Museum gives their own common-rooms both for banquet, and for conference. Many companies with world name conduct in common-room museum to presentations and conferences. Apropos rich person in музее in the same way not away to celebrate the wedding or else what triumph, in general in музее always merrily and populous. If you book the common-room or lease the premises, that you automatically are permitted visit of all show rooms with exhibit. The Amazing offer can be apropos in greater holidays only, possible except the whole other to dine in encirclement loved toy. Rather interesting museum and possible say simply unique with standpoint collected collections toy and offers for visitors.
Post made: 2011-04-11
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